Find out Bow Legs Treatment in Adults

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Unlike the procedure used for babies, bow legs treatment in adults involves surgery. The doctor cuts the bone surrounding the tibia and femur to adjust the alignment. This procedure can take a few months. During this time, the patient should avoid strenuous exercise. However, once the leg is straight, the patient can regain their balance. In some cases, yoga can help with bow legs treatment. This procedure may not be appropriate for everyone.
Bowing of the leg can be caused by a variety of different conditions, including Blount’s disease and Paget’s disease. While its cause is unclear, most people with this condition develop it as a child or adolescent. Despite its name, this condition is not a serious health issue unless the person has deteriorating knees. Patients may experience knee pain or degeneration if treatment is not successful.
Symptoms of bow legs range from minor to severe. Some people may experience deformity due to normal growth or underlying conditions, like injury, infection, or an unhealed fracture. In adults, however, the condition may progress to severe deformity and require surgery. Adults with bow legs can also suffer from knee pain, and they may eventually develop premature osteoarthritis. If untreated, bow legs may lead to significant pain and disability, and should be treated promptly.
Surgical treatments for bow legs are available to relieve the pain and discomfort caused by the condition. A simple visual examination may suffice to determine if the problem is serious. The doctor may also order x-rays to determine the severity of the condition and decide on the best surgical method. However, some patients may be a good candidate for osteotomy. The procedure involves shifting the forces from the unhealthy part of the knee joint to the healthy portion of the knee. The treatment for bow legs in adults depends on the cause of the condition.

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