How to prolong the life of your trolling motor battery

How to prolong the life of your trolling motor battery post thumbnail image

A trolling motor is really a self-included model that features an electric powered motor, propeller, and handles, and is attached to an angler’s motorboat. trolling motors are widely used to move the boat forward with a slow, constant speed so the angler can species of fish without spooking the species of fish.

Most Trolling Motor Battery is 12 or 24-volt systems that utilize deeply-cycle sea electric batteries. Serious-routine underwater electric batteries are designed to be released and recharged frequently prior to they should be changed. Even so, even the best deep-period battery may ultimately should be exchanged if it’s not properly cared for.

5 various Suggestions to maintain your Trolling Motor Battery in Top Condition

Listed here are five guidelines to help you keep your trolling motor battery in good shape:

1.Make it thoroughly clean. Marine power packs should be clean so they can run proficiently. work with a clean and several preparing soda pop and h2o to clean the battery terminals and content.

2.Ensure that it stays billed. Make sure you keep your battery properly billed in order that it doesn’t become overworked. You must charge your battery after each use.

3.Prevent release cycles. Discharging your battery too often will shorten its life-time. Avoid allowing your battery go listed below 50Per cent capability if at all possible.

4.Shop it appropriately. when you’re not using your boat, be sure you store your battery within a awesome, dry position. Severe conditions can damage your battery.

5.Routinely look into the electrolyte levels. The electrolyte stage inside your battery must be checked routinely to be certain it’s topped off. When it becomes too low, put distilled drinking water until it reaches the correct degree.


By following these straightforward suggestions, you are able to aid lengthen the lifespan of your trolling motor battery and make sure it’s always prepared when you want it out in the drinking water. Proper care and upkeep can save you funds in the end by preventing untimely alternative charges. And who doesn’t adore conserving money?

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